Sock Knitting

I’m actually not much of a sock knitter myself.

But I do admire and find myself in awe when I happen to come across pictures of the lovely, remarkable, amazing, practical, beautiful socks people have knitted for themselves or friends and loved ones.

The socks shown I knit for Barbie

, because she complained, and rightly so, that her feet got cold walking in clogs barefoot. I’ve always thought that there’s nothing better for warm feet than sturdy gray goats wool socks. So that’s what I knit her. They’re miniature of course: Barbie has such tiny feet. The socks were knit and on Barbie’s feet in a jiffy.

Stripe socks in  actual person size

Nothing like the socks I knit for myself, because I felt I had to have knit a pair of socks just once in my life. And I did. It took me forever. But the result was toasty warm and lovely soft.
Much too soft, to be exact, because of course, not possessing of any knowledge whatsoever of suitable sock knitting yarn, I had used exactly the wrong kind of wool…
The result: large holes in all the places you don’t want them. Sigh…
Oh well, I can honestly say I did knit life size socks once.

Barbie wearing jeans overall, goat wool socks and clogsBarbie’s miniature gray goats wool  socks on the other hand, are a smashing success. As far as I know, she still wears them regularly.

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