WIP – Freeform Intermeshing Scarf in Autumn Colors

I love the Intermeshing crochet technique.
It’s such an easy technique once you know how to work the stitches; it results in such a lovely warm fabric and interesting texture. What’s not to love?

This WIP is the start of a winter scarf in autumn colors. I am using 2 shades of Lana Grossa Gomitolo 100 yarn. It’s a soft light cushy cosy yarn made of 50% wool and 50% polyacrylic. On topof which it has beautiful colors and color transitions!

This time I decided not to use a formal intermeshing stitch pattern. Instead, I am placing every single stitch on the whim of the moment, where I feel it should go, where it’s whispering me it wants to sit. The result is a completely random and ever-changing stitch ‘pattern’.

This intermeshing scarf in autumn colors is freeform by any definition: absolutely unique and impossible to repeat crocheting it exactly alike ever again.

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