Just in time for Skirt Day

Skirt Day is that special day of the year when – as if by magic – all women and girls decide it’s warm enough, finally, after a long and cold winter, to wear a skirt for the first time that season. Skirt Day a sure sign spring has sprung and summer will be along shortly.

Barbie is no stranger to this phenomenon

, and like every other woman and girl she prefers to wear the latest addition to her wardrobe on this special day.

Barbie’s new Skirt Day skirt is an accordion pleated number, because she likes the way the pleats bounce and swirl around her legs when she’s walking in her white heeled sandals.
When asked she was kind enough to inform us that she got this lovely skirt from Aratika AA.

Barbie knit accordeon pleated skirt

Is your Barbie in need of a new skirt too?

You’re in luck! The free pattern for this knitted accordion pleated skirt for Barbie has been made available by Aratika AA for download from Ravelry.com.

Download Aratika AA’s Accordion Pleated Skirt for Barbie doll here

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