Urban Gypsy Boho Festival Bags – Black and Sand

Now selling: Two Urban Gypsy Boho Bags – choice of color black or sand (marktplaats.nl).

The Urban Gypsy Boho Bag is a stylish accessory for the inner bohemian. Featuring lots of texture and an interesting construction this charming bag will draw your surrounding’s attention in an elegant fashion. The cheerful swaying of the long fringe and the practical lining with small item pockets and a smooth running zipper make this bag ideal for festivals, beach or city walks, picknicks, barbecues and ‘ordinary’ occasions. There is plenty of room for wallet, keys, water bottle, snack, tokens, pocket change, parking ticket, and lots more!

  • Crochet bag of black or sand cotton-mix yarn
  • Lining in black reinforced polyester or sand cotton fabric
  • Smooth running and supple quality zipper
  • Two inner pockets (each ca 11 cms deep, 9 cms wide) to keep small items at easy reach
  • Extra yarn included for eventualities such as repairs and/or adjustments
  • Size: 29 cms wide, 34 cms deep from zipper to pointed bottom
  • Fringe length: ca 33 cms
  • Strap length: ca 120 cms

Strap Adjustments: To adjust the length of the strap to a shorter personal preference or to prevent stretching of the shoulder strap, a length of the provided extra yarn can be sewn/basted in along the length and on both sides of the strap and drawn in to the desired length. Tie the yarn off at the point of attachment of the strap to the bag.

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